Florida woman sues law school, Education Department claiming expulsion for being a Trump supporter

“This complaint is to help protect other students who have had their voice silenced by liberal universities and colleges,” said Ms. McLaughlin, , who also is running as a GOP candidate for a House seat in South Florida.

Her lawsuit is the latest in a flurry of allegations of discrimination against conservatives on college campuses.

Earlier this year, lawyers from Alliance Defending Freedom confronted officials at the University of Wisconsin–River Falls after the school attempted to silence a student recruiting people for a conservative club on campus.

Sofie Salmon, who was a freshman at the time, walked around campus last year with friends, rolling a beach ball labeled a “free speech ball” allowing students to write various messages on it. School officials told Ms. Salmon she had to pay for a reserved spot to engage in that sort of activity on campus.

After lawyers intervened, warning school officials about the infringement on First Amendment rights, the school changed its policy. Now students at the college are permitted to engage in “spontaneous expressive activity” without prior permission.

Langhofer has another client from a Florida state college who was removed from a student government position for commenting in a private message that Black Lives Matter — and aligned liberal groups — have messaging that runs contrary to his Catholic faith, such as the church’s pro-life teaching.

“It is a nationwide problem,” he said. “No doubt we have cases in California, cases in Minnesota, cases in Texas, cases in Florida, Virginia — it is not limited to one area.”

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