Florida woman sues law school, Education Department claiming expulsion for being a Trump supporter

Cabot Phillips, editor-in-chief at the conservative news website Campus Reform, said he’s covered conservative students being suspended from school, removed from student government, assaulted by peers, and discriminated against for wearing MAGA hats. He said the conduct suggests campuses are no longer a marketplace of ideas.

“Most college campuses have become centers for indoctrination and groupthink, where conservative opinions are snuffed out,” he said, adding the problem lingers because teachers and schools are rarely held accountable.

In Ms. McLaughlin’s case, she said professors learned about her Republican affiliation from social media photographs after she attended a Trump victory party. She said instructors immediately began treating her differently — including not answering questions she would pose to them after class.

Ms. McLaughlin went on to graduate from another accredited law school in Florida but said her formal complaint filed two years ago about the treatment from FIU went unanswered by the Department of Education. She said she’s incurred tuition expenses, lost internships and suffered from attempts at delaying her legal career.

The Department of Education and officials from Florida International University School of Law did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Times.

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